Monday, June 3, 2013

Where Have I Been???

Something crazy and important has kept me from my little blog space for a very long time...


Just regular, everyday crazy life. Routines and changing jobs, shifting schedules, new schools. We've had a teenager move out, and a puppy move in. We turned that extra bedroom into a 'hobby space', of sorts. It's a craft room for me, but the closet area is devoted to Josh's favorite game, Magic: The Gathering. Now, I'm often crafting or scrapping while he's playing with the card collection behind me.

Here's a poorly-lit peek at my space. The desk I work on is there on the right, the photo is taken from the doorway that leads out to the kitchen & dining room. Off to the left is the Magic Closet. Haha.

I've not been creating much, other than one specific project. I haven't been doing any traditional scrapbooking at all. In fact, I fear my time with my beloved CTMH is coming to its end. I'll be 'downgraded' to a Junior consultant at the end of June. (If there's anything from the current catalog you need, please let me know or take a peek at my website.)

I have been completely caught up in a new love, Project Life. What is Project life? I'll let Becky Higgins share the basics with you, in a beautiful video, which you can access at Becky's website.

I love the simplicity. I love the opportunity for open creativity. I love that it can be completely minimal and that's okay! I love that I can embellish as much as I want, and that's okay! I've been subscribing to the Studio Calico and Citrus Twist kits since earlier this year and I really enjoy putting my weekly spreads together. It's very freeing to put together a scrapbook, an album full of our everyday moments and memories, knowing that my photos don't have to be perfect and not every memory has to be a big, special event. It's all big!

Some weeks, I barely squeeze the kids in there at all. I skip holidays, or fill the week with birthday photos. This is MY book. I record what's going on around me. And quite often, that's me taking pictures of my sweet dog. THAT'S OKAY!

I'd love to share my Project Life weeks with you. I'm going to work on going through 2013 backwards from this week. Thanks for joining me in my little space; Stay tuned!